Migratory Birds of Southern Africa: Classic Edition

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13-digit ISBN No: 978-0-620-20365-4
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The long distance travellers. The Korck Publishing Wall Poster “Newman’s Migratory Birds of Southern Africa – (Classic Edition)”

One of the most compelling achievements in all of Nature is the annual migration of birds from the Northern Hemisphere to Southern Africa.

There are many yet unanswered mysteries of bird migration remaining despite the modern technological methods used in tracking the long-distance migratory routes taken by some 83 species shown migrating from the northern hemisphere to southern Africa. More than 200 species migrate from the northern hemisphere but most are rare vagrants, stragglers and intra-Africa migrants (travelling within Africa) and are not shown on this poster.

Most birds follow routes where food sources are available eg coastlines, rivers and lakes. Very few land birds undertake long ocean or desert crossings. But the most amazing group of migrants are the diminutive warblers weighing only a few grams, migrating by night, navigating by the stars between northern Europe or Siberia to southern Africa where they spend the European winter months in our gardens returning 6 months later to breed.

Migration is truly a fascinating subject worthy of further study and this poster contains ground-breaking route maps for each of the 83 birds shown created by Ken Newman especially for this publication. Each year an estimated 500 million birds set off on their yearly migratory flights. A true wonder of nature and the endurance of such seemingly fragile creatures is quite remarkable.

Among the bird families represented on this poster are: avocet, bee-eater, buzzard, cuckoo, eagle, falcon,godwit, harrier, kestrel, kite, martin, plover, redshank, sandpiper, shrike, tern, & warbler.

Whether you are a serious bird watcher or not, one thing is guaranteed …you will love this poster.

This poster will adorn any wall at home, in the waiting room, at the office or in school or university. It will make a perfect gift not just for bird enthusiasts but for nature lovers in general.

We find that many people buy our posters for their children’s bedrooms to encourage them to have a lifelong interest in nature and its wonderful creatures.

The wall poster measures 860 mm x 594 mm (33.9” x 23.4”). The poster is double laminated (ie laminated both sides) for ultimate protection, and will be shipped to you in a sturdy postal tube. Many of our customers throughout the world choose to frame or blockmount the poster such is the quality and impact of the poster itself.