About Korck Posters

Publisher Neville Korck inspecting the Korck Poster display in the natural history shop at the American Museum of Natural History, NYC

Korck Publishing is a South African publishing company established in 1993 with a focus on educational and natural history subject matter.

Since exhibiting at the Frankfurt Book Fairs of 1999 and 2000, our natural history posters have been sold through natural history shops in the UK, Europe, the USA and throughout southern Africa.

Today we offer a wide-ranging series of finely detailed, fully indexed, full colour natural history posters, with proven universal appeal.

We are 25!

2018 marks the 25th year of our publishing in South Africa and around the world.

We well understand that as an online shopper you will frequently have reservations about dealing with vendors unknown to you and perhaps from far-off countries.

We think the world-class quality of our products is evident from this website, but as a further assurance for you to deal with us with peace of mind we offer both the fact that we’ve been around for quite a long time, and a selection from the many hundreds of spontaneous comments received from our customers in recent times regarding the service that we offer and the quality of our products. None of these comments was invited. All are retained in our files.

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