Inland Waterbirds of Southern Africa: Classic Edition

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13-digit ISBN No: 978-0-620-20357-9
10-digit ISBN No. 0-620-20357-9

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Represented on this poster are 99 species of inland waterbirds illustrated by Kenneth Newman. Among the bird families shown are: bittern, cormorant, crake, duck, egret, flamingo, flufftail, gallinule, goose, grebe, heron, ibis, jacana, kingfisher, moorhen, pelican, plover, sandpiper, snipe, stork, teal and tern.

For years Man has been ‘reclaiming’ marshlands by draining them, and ‘controlling’inland waterways through canalisation and damming. The effect is always to largely destroy such areas as habitats for the abundant and infinitely varied plant and natural life forms which originally inhabited them. More recently, unfortunate farming practices and increasing industrialisation have lead to chemical and toxic effluent pollution of many of our rivers and streams and the areas into which they flow, with equally disastrous effects upon the delicately balanced eco-systems of these areas

There are clear signs now through southern Africa that the destruction of inland wetland areas is placing those that remain under intense and unsupportable pressure. The message is clear. We must do all in our power to preserve our remaining natural wetland areas. Otherwise (as just one negative consequence of failure to do so) a wonderfully interesting sector of our birdlife could leave us for more hospitable breeding areas. We will be the poorer.

On the positive side, much effort is currently being directed to the preservation – and restoration – of many of our existing wetland areas.

Whether you are a serious bird watcher or not, one thing is guaranteed …you will love this poster.

“Inland Waterbirds of Southern Africa” is one of 36 beautifully illustrated nature posters produced by Korck Publishing, South Africa.

This poster will adorn any wall at home, in the waiting room, at the office or in school or university. It will make a perfect gift not just for bird enthusiasts but nature lovers in general.

We find that many people buy our posters for their children’s bedrooms to encourage them to have a lifelong interest in nature and its wonderful creatures.

The wall poster measures 860 mm x 594 mm (33.9 x 23.4 inches). The poster is double laminated (ie laminated both sides) for ultimate protection , and will be shipped to you in a sturdy postal tube. Many of our customers throughout the world choose to frame or blockmount the poster such is the quality and impact of the poster itself.