Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa – 1: Inshore

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Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa – 1: Inshore

The Korck Publishing Wall Poster “Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa – 1: Inshore”

The 138 brilliant illustrations by Elaine Heemstra on this poster depict the wonderful shapes, colours and varieties of marine fishes found off the southern African coastline in estuaries and intertidal and sub-tidal zones or close inshore.

Approximately 16% of southern Africa’s coastal fish are endemic species – found only in this region. There is often a great deal of colour variation between individuals within a species, as well as change in colour and body shape from juveniles to adults. Pattern and colour differences also occur between males and females of the same species.

The names of all the fishes illustrated on this poster are shown in English with their scientific name in Latin. Distribution areas are given together with the maximum size and weight attained in a species. Endemic species are indicated in blue. The status of fish species whose numbers are threatened or vulnerable or where their catch is prohibited or restricted are shown. Where there is a great difference in colouration between males and females of a particular species, both are illustrated. Juveniles of many species are also shown.

Among the fish families illustrated on this poster are: catfish, clinid, emperor, fingerfin, flathead, flounder, grunter, kingfish, kob, moony, moray, mullet, parrotfish pompano, ponyfish, pursemouth, rockcod, rockskipper, seabream, sole, steenbras & stumpnose.

This poster will adorn any wall at home, in the waiting room, at the office or in school or university. It will make a perfect gifts not just for people interested in marine fishes but for nature lovers in general.

We find that many people buy our posters for their children’s bedrooms to encourage them to have a lifelong interest in nature and its wonderful creatures.

The wall posters measure 900 mm x 594 mm (35.4 x 23.4 inches). The posters are double laminated (ie laminated both sides) for ultimate protection, and will be shipped to you in a sturdy postal tube. Many of our customers throughout the world choose to frame or blockmount their posters such is the quality and impact of the posters themselves.