The Birds of Southern Africa

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It’s just never been done before!  For the first time, we think, in any medium, with the “The Birds of Southern Africa” poster one can now view images of effectively all of Southern Africa’s magnificent birdlife – at a single glance. As such this 69 cm x 130 cm poster constitutes a compelling snapshot of the bird population with which, in 2019, we share our environment.

Southern Africa is blessed with an abundant diversity of birdlife. The Southern African region, though an area not delineated by rigid borders, is generally defined as that part of Africa lying south of the Cunene – Kavango – Zambezi Rivers.

The new wall poster  “The Birds of Southern Africa” lists all 978 bird species to be found in the Southern African region and illustrates 967 of them. Birds listed but not illustrated, for largely technical reasons, consist of a handful of petrels and other ocean birds and the Indian Peafowl. The  bird illustrations in the poster are reproduced from the original paintings of the late Kenneth Newman

The “The Birds of Southern Africa” poster comes rolled in a 75 mm diameter clear PVC tube with plastic end caps which in addition to giving the poster great visibility at point of sale also provides a safe and convenient way to carry and store the poster.  Accompanying the poster, but not illustrated here, is a separate index measuring 69 cm x 42 cm which lists the English, Afrikaans and Scientific name of each species together with co-ordinates which allow any bird illustration on the poster to be almost instantly located.

We hope that all these images of birds will inspire the resolve in particular among today’s younger people, to, in their turn, do all in their power to conserve today’s birdlife for the benefit of their own children and their children’s children.

Bird of Southern Africa Poster Display