Raptors of Southern Africa: Classic Edition

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13-digit ISBN No: 978-0-620-20355-2
10-digit ISBN No. 0-620-20355-2

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The Korck Publishing Wall Poster “Newman’s Raptors of Southern Africa – (Classic Edition)”

This very popular poster illustrates all 68 species of the majestic birds of prey to be found in Southern Africa.

Raptors hunt and kill for their food and for that purpose all possess strong hooked beaks Some birds of prey feed on animals already killed by carnivores or by accident ie road kill. They perform a very important role in keeping the countryside clean and free of disease. Birds of prey are generally large and powerful and capable of performing amazing aerobatic acts. Several species are in danger of losing the battle to survive due to careless intervention by Man in their environment and have suffered greatly in Southern Africa through loss of suitable hunting and breeding habitats, and through poisoning.

Among the raptor families illustrated on this poster are: buzzard, eagle, snake eagle, falcon, goshawk, harrier, marsh harrier, hawk, hobby, kestrel, kite, sparrowhawk & vulture.

Of the 68 species in Southern Africa one species is possibly extinct, four are vulnerable, eight are in the rare category, and two intermediate, with another ten requiring careful status monitoring.

Whether you are a serious bird watcher or not, one thing is guaranteed … this poster will fascinate you.

“Raptors of Southern Africa – (Classic Edition)” is one of 36 beautifully illustrated Natural History posters produced by Korck Publishing.

This poster will adorn any wall at home, in the waiting room, at the office or in school or university. It will make a perfect gift not just for bird enthusiasts but nature lovers in general.

We find that many people buy our posters for their children’s bedrooms to encourage them to have a lifelong interest in nature and its wonderful creatures.

The wall poster measures 860 mm x 594 mm (33.9 x 23.4 inches). The poster is double laminated (ie laminated both sides) for ultimate protection, and will be shipped to you in a sturdy postal tube. Many of our customers throughout the world choose to frame or blockmount the poster such is the quality and impact of the poster itself.